Targus Digital TGC-SBM200 SLR Digital Camera Sling Bag Medium

Targus Digital TGC-SBM200Sling-Style Bag; Adjustable Key Pocket With Padded Dividers; Holds An Dslr With Mid-Range Zoom Lens Attached, 23 Extra Lenses, Cables Add-on; Built-In Digital Memory Card all Targus Digital TGC-SBM200

Targus Digital TGC-SBM200 SLR Digital Camera

Coordinator; Built-In Microfiber Cleansing Towel; Device; Dim: 17 L X 8.12 ″ W X 5.62 ″ H. Item Functions

  • Sling bag with prepared storage space for DSLR camera kit/camcorder and likewise devices.


  • Targus Digital TGC-SBM200 Digital Camera








  • Impact-resistant pads protect your devices from shock and toppling over


Targus Digital TGC-SBM200

  • Committed, weather-proof video clip cam area guards your devices along with aids protect against loss or issue of devices throughout regular elimination or accessibility how Targus Digital TGC-SBM200


Targus Digital TGC-SBM200

Targus Digital TGC-SBM200


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  • Holds a DSLR with mid-range zoom lens attached, 2-3 added lenses, cords as well as accessories. Integrateded digital sd card organizer, LCD cleansing cloth


im actually pleased at how much gear I can put into this bag.

I love the fact that I can put my SLR here with plenty of room for lens and other accessories. It is a nice compact option to a backpack when I don’t need to pack as much gear.

The padding is such that I feel all my gear is well protected.

The stitching, zippers, etc are all well constructed and appear very durable. The dividers are easy to move around to customize to the lens’s I want to carry.

The one draw back is that I do use bulky neoprene neck straps. It takes a bit to tuck the neck strap into place but that is a fairly minor adjustment.

This is a very comparable bag to other sling bags I have seen costing much more.

I am pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it for those considering a Sling Bag

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