Clik Elite Contrejour 40 Backpack For Photographers

Clik Elite Contrejour 40 Backpack For Photographers

The Contrejour is an uncompromising camera case wrapped in a full featured back country ski and climbing pack. Designed for serious photographers and adrenaline enthusiasts who work and play all in the same day.Enjoy the roomy organization of the Cradle Zone camera bay with back panel access that keeps photo equipment safe.


  • Padded internal Cradle Zone camera bay is accessible through the back panel, protecting contents from snow and dirt
  • Side entry portal for quick swing around access to your camera
  • Reinforced board straps hold skis diagonally or a snowboard vertically
  • Outdoor gear compartment with top and side access accommodates essentials for the back country including a shovel and probe
  • Tuck away rain fly

Perfect size for airline carry on In multiple different sized aircraft, it fit in the overhead bottom first without having to turn it to take up the entire overhead bin.I almost bought the shorter Contrejour 35 out of fear of overhead bins, and I’m glad I went with the 40.

2. Protects gear very well. There are multiple layers of padding and other gear on almost all sides of the camera stuff. To fully open the camera gear compartment, you lay the bag on its back, which works well to give good access as well as keeping dirt and slop away from my glass. Another review complained about their gear moving around I have to disagree with that complaint.The compartments are infinitely customizable,and can be made to snugly fit any kit if you are patient.

3. Easy to get my camera out.Unclick the chest strap and belt, swing off my right shoulder, unzip,shoot: 8 seconds without rushing. Unexpected bonus: while shooting with the bag still hanging from my left shoulder, my left elbow rests on the pack and helps to stabilize the camera it’s hard to describe in words, but is immediately obvious when you start shooting in the field.

4. Very comfortable for long hikes with up to about 30 lbs.,even in summer weight clothes.The shoulder straps have two adjustments each,and the belt is comfortable and intuitive easy to adjust 1 handed as you go.



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