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Canon 100DG Bag for Canon SLR Cameras

Canon 100DG Digital Gadget Bag Features

Product Information

  • Accessibility: Top-loading
  • Carrying Options:
  • Shoulder Strap – Detachable – Adjustable
  • Handle
  • Zipper Type: Zippered
  • Diskette Pocket: 2 x CD
  • Compartment Height: 9.50in.
  • Compartment Width: 13in.
  • Compartment Depth: 6.25in.

Physical Characteristics

  • Color: Black
  • Exterior Material: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 10.20in. Height x 13.80in. Width x 6.70in. Depth
  • Weight: 4.50 lb

Additional Information:

  • Designed to carry Canon digital SLR cameras and accessories
  • Holds your 1-2 SLR cameras, plus 2-3 lenses, accessories and even a notebook computer
  • Made from durable, water-repellent nylon exterior fabric and has padded interior dividers and easy-access storage pockets
  • The case includes the Custom Media Case 10DG, which neatly organizes all your CF cards and 2 CDs and the color-coded pockets help keep blank and full CF cards separate
  • Type of Closure:


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Canon 800SR Deluxe System Gadget Bag for Canon EOS DSLR Cameras (Black)

The Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 800 SRM was designed with enough room to hold one camera body, one or two lenses, as well as accessories. Featuring reinforced, padded pockets and compartments, the 800 SRM is a serious bag for the traveling photographer. Practical and attractive, the 800 SRM is a great way to protect your equipment from moisture and dust as well as the wear and tear that results from excessive handling.


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Opteka Excursion Series C500 Weatherproof Canvas Shoulder Bag for Photo and Video Cameras

The Opteka C500 Khaki canvas bag with leather trim is designed to carry a rangefinder or a small digital SLR camera with an attached short lens, 1 additional lens, flash and accessories. The bag is constructed from dual laminate weatherproof canvas with a high-density, fully removable closed-cell dura-foam interior with two dividers. It has a quick-fold top layered over a fully zippered layer for either extreme weather protection or immediate access to gear (leaving zipper opened). The bag has an exterior back pocket and two front pockets. It is carried by a padded, adjustable shoulder strap.


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Professional Gear Backpack for Digital SLR Canon Cameras , up to 17″ Laptops and Device Accessories- Works with Canon EOS Rebel SL1 , T5i , T4i , T3i , T2i , 70D , 100D , 700D , 6D & More DSLR , Micor Four Thirds , Point and Shoot Cameras , Video Cameras , Lens Kits , Tripods , etc!

Keeping your DSLR Camera & Accessories Organized and Readily Accessible!

Perfect for Professional and Non-Professional Photographers!

Travel-Ready Construction
Heavy-duty buckles, handles and zippers make for long lasting use in any condition. The high-quality nylon and fabric construction is reinforced with thick padding to always protects your device. Padded shoulder straps and back also provide a comfortable and light-weight feel. Although the backpack is weather resistant, it comes with a rain cover tarp to protect your gear under heavy rain or snow.

Custom Compartment Configuration – Utilize the Pockets
Large front zipper opening provides access to your camera, lens, lights and batteries. Side door allows you to grab your camera quickly, so you don’t miss a shot. Velcro divider walls lets you customize the camera compartment and accommodate your equipment however you prefer. In total, there are 8 pockets to hold your camera accessori


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Megagear Dslr Camera Bag Black Case For Canon EOS Series Nikon

  • Ultra Ligth and Soft MegaGear bag protects the DSLR from scratches and dust
  • megagear dslr camera bagNew design id featuring design with black trim , Increased interior capacity, Improved access to side pockets
  • Stain resistant Nylon – Package style: Polyethylene bag with Hang Tag,megagear dslr camera bag professional cameras
  • 2 Side pocket – Extra patted interior – Increased the size of of external back pocket to hold the operation manual
  • Dimensions Approx : W: 180mm x H: 230mm x D: 110mm – Upper Inner Size: W160 x D100 mm See the photo – Bottom Inner Size: W70 x D95 mm See the photo – Height Inner Size: H200 mm See the photo professional

megagear dslr camera bag top cameras digital

Comment Review

For most people new to megagear dslr camera bag this is a great bag my bag can hold my camera with lens kit attached, an additional 75-300 zoom lens, a f/1.8 lens, and battery with charger. Those all fit in there with a little bit of wiggle room left if you have filters, hoods and other accessories, you will probably need something bigger such as a backpack style bag and megagear dslr camera bag if you are looking for something portable to carry around to various events, this is the bag for you. It has a lot of padding and I feel very comfortable that the items are safe inside that is the most important thing.

megagear dslr camera bag-2

it feels really good the problem is that you can’t use it properly if you attached a grip on your camera is not that big, you can put it inside anyway but its really tight. I still give it a 5/5 cause I can still use it without my grip.

In general its really good case, I like the fact that you can carry your tripod and I believe is well made im satisfied

I like the bag, reminds me of a uniqu bag I once had many years ago. Velcro config flaps are great you can place them any shape way or form to setup your bag buy megagear the oil stink I really hate, a bag this expensive usually doesn’t have a strong smell. For me that was always a sign of a cheap bag. I am sure it will air out but It really bothers me. The design is great the megagear dslr camera bag.

Fast efficient service, well packaged and on time. Really nice bag held 50mm, 18-55mm and d3100 with 55-300mm attached, comfortable and can be worn in several ways, however after only a couple of uses the zip on the side pocket kept splitting and became unusable forcing me to contact amazon. I was issued a full refund and returned the item without added hassle all top megagear dslr camera bag  in all a really nice bag that accommodated my needs however let down by this issue.
 It feels so good and strong for a camera bag you can set up the main compartment with the re attach pads that comes with the cameras bags.

Lots of compartments. Well made zippers.

Giving It 4 stars after a small ring on the main compartment’s zippers kinda broke megagear dslr camera bag put it on some pressure and

Cosmos New Classic Vintage For Camera Style Bag

camera style bag artificial leather camera style bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, extra shoulder strap included,two magnetic locks allow you to store the camera equipment camera style bageasily protect your camera and other accessories from dust and scratch,can be used as a casual bag and top cameras essencial camera.

  • Casual Brown Shoulder Pu Leather Camera Style Bag

  • Artificial leather camera style bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, extra shoulder strap included.
  • outside size:26.5(L)x8.5(W)x18(H)cm (10.4×3.3×7 inch).
  • Approx Interior Dimension:25.5(L)x7.5(W)x16(H)cm (10x3x6.3 inch).
  • Material: Artificial leather.
  • Two magnetic locks allow you to store the camera equipment easily.
  • Camera bag for canon,for fuji,for camera panasonic,for camera bags nikon,for camera and digital camera sony,and camera sony bag top cameras the digital cameras dslr for cameras olimpus bags camera style bag
  • Camera Style Bag for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Kodak Panasonic Fuji

  • Coment

 the pictures of the bag, it looks to be about 15 wide x 10 tall well in reality its about half that size i normally read reviews before I buy things, but this time I didn’t, and I wish I did. I specifically bought this for my camera which is a Canon an it says that its a camera bag for canons. But it is so tiny it cannot fit my camera at all. Its more the size of a large wallet than a purse camera bag very disappointed.

This is a really cute bag, i love the color & size & interior, but the strap broke less than a month after I got it. It was fairly roomy and the body seemed sturdy i just cant use it anymore because of the strap.

Cute is what my wife said when she purchased this bag for me, that is probably this bags only redeeming feature allow me to explain:

* Clips on the shoulder strap broke top camera bag
* The camera frayed first, before the stitching came undone.
* One of the button snaps broke and camera style bag


Canon Bag Deluxe Gadget 100 EG

Canon Bag the canon 6227a001 100EG custom gadget bag was designed Canon Bag with enough room to hold one or two camera bodies, three to four bag as canon bag-1well as an assortment of film,batteries and other necessities for photographers featuring reinforced, padded pockets and compartments, the 100eg canon camera  is a serious bag for the traveling photographer,practical and attractive, the 100eg is a great way to protect your equipment from moisture and dust as well as the wear and tear results from excessive handling.

Canon Bag Cameras Equipment

  • Store carry and protect your camera equipment
  • Organize your items
  • Includes shoulder strap for easy and comfortable transport
  • Constructed out of durable materials
  • Fully padded and reinforced
  • Store carry and protect your camera equipment
  • Organize your items

Canon Bag Deluxe Gadget For Camera


I bought this for a digital rebel and regular lens  a flash and one telephoto lens and two batteries,it is busting at the seams, and I have ordered the battery pack grip to go onto the bottom of the camera so I’ll probably have to reorder a larger one.

If you want a good looking Canon Bag that is small and compact, you’ll like it, and it is well made and worth the current cost, just remember it is smaller than the description would lead you to believe.

I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I am a daily hiker, and more often than not, I like to bring my camera with me,this Canon Bag suits my needs perfectly.

good i like this and price, it’s comfort and easy to carry, i cant say it has bing room but not bad top Canon Bag,and canon camera series.


Amazon Basics Sling Backpack For Slr Cameras (Black)

The amazon basics sling backpack for slr cameras is designed to allow you to go from carry mode to ready mode in seconds by enabling smooth rotation of the backpack from back to front for fast and easy access to camera gear. The slr sling backpack has extra space for personal items, faster access, improved organization, and the ability to add a tripod. A zippered pocket at the top of the backpack is the perfect spot to grab a uv filter cell phone or keys. zippers throughout the construction make opening and closing fast and smooth. The main camera compartment features a flexible

divider system that lets one quickly and comfortably access a dslr  the amazon basics sling backpack includes a tripod storage system with hidden foldout holder and quick release buckle with strap to secure a compact tripod or monopod to the side. Additional features include an ergonomic sling strap and padded waistbelt, padded main compartment with adjustable dividers and 2 built-in memory card pockets

Sling backpack holds and protects 1 smaller slr camera body; 1 2 lenses, and additional small accessories
Durable black polyester nylon exterior; ample interior storage
Distributed by amazon.com backed by one year amazon basics warranty  ships in certified frustration free packaging


he amazon basics sling backpack for dslr cameras is a no frills solution for taking a reasonable amount of photo gear with you when you don’t want or need to lug your larger case with you. It’s a great solution when you are hiking, skiing or just want a more compact way to take your essential camera gear with you.I really like the bag once you have it open. I think it’s very useful to fit plenty of camera gear. My only complaint is the clips that hold the main opening were very poorly sewn into place. I forgot to unclip it once and it took almost no force to pull it out of its stitching. I’m just hoping the rest of the bag stands up to extended use

better that those clips.The amazon basics sling backpack for dslr cameras is a no frills solution for taking a reasonable amount of photo gear with you when you don’t want or need to lug your larger case with you. It’s a great solution when you are hiking, skiing or just want a more compact way to take your essential camera gear with you.

The backpack is entirely black, no color accents or embellishment whatsoever. The backpack has a functional shoulder sling that allows you to pivot the pack to the front of your body for easy access to your camera gear when you need it. It’s a fairly comfortable, sling backpack with adequate shoulder strap padding and an additional lower waist strap. There is a smaller zippered upper compartment with enough room for a good sized flash and room to spare for batteries, lens cleaning

tools or maybe a pb&j for an extended hike. The main zippered compartment can be configured to your needs using a series of velcro pads of various sizes. There is also a velcro strap that can be used in whatever way you can figure out how to use it. Depending on the lenses you wish to carry and whether you want to carry the camera body with no lens attached, you can move the pads around to accommodate your needs.

I was easily able to fit my nikon d300 with attached 80-200 f2.8 lens and flash in the main compartment, with a second 17-55 f2.8 lens in the smaller top compartment along with some other odds and ends.

Amazon Basics Sling Backpack


The bottom of the pack has two rubber feet which protect the bottom nylon panel from wear and tear. However the case is really designed as a backpack and will not reliably stand on its own when fully loaded. It’s not intended to be a supportive pack that can sit upright on a floor.

Overall the pack seems reasonably well made and does provide a great way to carry a camera body, couple lenses, flash and assorted odds and ends with ease. I love it for when I’m hiking and don’t want to carry a conventional camera bag with me. It’s easy to swing the pack around to gain access to your camera when you need it. I do like I can carry a compact tripod or monopod on the outside of the backpack and the hidden pouch that tucks away to hold the tripod monopod leg is a nice feature. The zippers seem beefy enough to withstand some good use and the quick release buckles on the straps function well.



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