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Case Logic CPL-107BK Camera Sling for DSLR, Black

With an overall casual aesthetic and optimal space for camera gear and daily personal items, this sling provides the on-the go photographer with an all-in-one option. The side camera

compartment provides easy, fumble free camera access. Contemporary quilting reveals just how much padding is protecting your camera.

  • Compatible with most DSLR cameras, two additional lens or one additional lens plus a flash, and accessories
  • Adjustable, padded dividers allow you to customize the camera compartment
  • Front zippered pocket and top compartment provide organization and easy access to non-camera accessories
  • Dedicated internal memory card slip pocket
  • Weather hood fits snugly over the bag to protect from the elements when not in use, store in dedicated back panel compartment
  • The Case Logic Sling camera bag is a very convenient carry case for camera and tripod, plus a few extras. The adjustable storage for the
  • camera is a really good idea, we needed to remove both to make our sony A77 fit, but for a smaller camera the velcro shelves can be left in to ensure the camera fits snugly and leave room for extra lenses. There is
  • another large zipper compartment that can easily hold a smaller camera, or a video camera. A slim front space is good for wipes or maybe a driver’s license. The camera zip storage area also has a dedicate area for extra memory cards.
  • The potential flaw is the strength of the stitching. Having filled the bag with all my kit and zipped it up, wherever things were a bit tight I could start to see the stitching exposed; it was stretching in the same way you would see the seam stitching pull in cheap jeans if they were too tight.
  • This flexibility may be intentional but it is not comforting to see. My life experience would lead me to assume that this is an indication of future weakness and failure in the design materials used.


Gabino Fernandez

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