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Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102 Large Sling Backpack for Pro DSLR and Laptop

This ruggedly styled DSLR backpack sling offers dynamic carrying and accessibility options to keep pup with the versatility of your photography. Depending on your day of shooting, change the bag form a backpack to either a right-shoulder or left-shoulder sling. Utilize complete access to your camera and gear through either a left, right or front entry.

  • Designed to protect a DSLR with up to a 8 Inch lens attached several additional lenses, accessories and up to a 15.6Inch laptop weather hood included
  • Three carrying configurations: sling pack over right shoulder backpack, sling pack over left shoulder
  • Three ways to access your camera and gear left, right and front for speedy retrieval in all configurations
  • Adjustable padded dividers allow you to customize the camera compartment and an elastic strap helps to secure the camera in place
  • Padded top compartment and various side pockets provide organization for non camera gear

I wish this does not have much storage space as well as some walls, removable soft internal storage that can be reconfigured how you need. This bag should safely carry your camera with lens high power along with a good size laptop and some odds and ends. I like the waterproof cover that is lightweight and extends over. Although only held in place by an elastic band, which seems to remain on welfare.

Unfortunately the overall construction of this backpack is cheaper than I expected, especially for the price i own a regular laptop backpack was not much money, but the quality puts it to shame. The arms of this feeling a lot cheaper. The mesh of this backpack is similar to other backpack I bought for years to unravel grated over time with minimal use. 

Case Logic Kilowatt KSB 102


Then there are the closures  except for the laptop compartment, they also feel cheap they catch almost every time I try to open them, to the point that I keep wondering when they will break also I have a storage bag backpack I use for my portable dvd player. He bought years ago. Although the zipper is small one is built to last, and never has been despite my children more or less compressed is opened and closed. It was a small fraction of this price obviously things have

changed over time durable Well thought out and constructed, aesthetically pleasing  back mesh prevents overheating against your body adjustable straps around the chest and waist for extra support and portability can hold a dslr with a 70 200 lens attached, plus 3 or 4 more lenses in the bottom compartment. Three way access to the bottom compartment, plus customizable padding makes it easily adaptable padded lap top sleeve holds a 15 laptop top compartment and side

pockets hold tons of extra gear such as memory cards, spare batteries, filters, remotes, lens cloths et al, plus a change of clothes and other personal stuff Comes with a rain hood that covers the bag and your gear in inclement weather Can fit on airplanes for travel Bright orange interior makes it easy to find gear in a hurry



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