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Vangoddy Designed Sky Blue

Vangoddy’s Laurel Compact SLR Bag is made for style and protection. The Walls of our Laurel Bag are made up of 3 layers: an outer layer of double woven, weather resistant, and reinforced nylon, interior layer of scratch proof soft suede, and added padding between layers for extra protection.

Elegant flip out design and luxury lining will compliment your DSLR Camera like no other on the market.

Laurel Camera Bag also features an extra compartment with places for 2 memory cards, batteries, chargers, and data cable and includes a removable shoulder strap, which can also be adjusted to any size. All camera and actual devices mentioned are used for compatibility purposes only and are NOT included


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Coreen Luxury SLR Camera Bag For Canon EOS 6D 60D 600D 650D Rebel T4i T3i Kiss X6i X5 Camera


Conceptualized in ink, the Coreen is our debut statement piece for crafting a proper DSLR camera designated case.

FUNCTION: Ease of access and safekeeping were the primary goals when designing the Coreen. The interior has two padded organizers, designed with midway cross section in order to attach them perpendicular and also parallel to each other, and in turn creating multiple possible combinations.

EXTERIOR: The exterior has many thoughtful features. The top panel has a quick-close magnetic closures that return the lid to a closed position while shooting. Additionally, the case has a secure back slip pocket with magnetic button closures for documents or items that are preferred to keep close to the body. The sides have a box pleated pocket on each side that expands to fit items like large charges, or contracts to a closed and locked position via magnetic buttons. The front features a large seamless slip pocket wi


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