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Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag-Mica

The Passport Sling from Lowepro is an unexpected kind of camera bag – unique in its form and inventive in its function. Designed to carry an equal amount of camera and personal gear, the Passport Sling offers flexibility and comfort when using it around town or sightseeing. Wear it across the body, high and close or low and loose, depending on your activity. The shoulder strap features a cam lock buckle that easily adjusts for an ideal fit, plus a removable, sliding shoulder pad that offers cushioned comfort when you need it. On the exterior, two slash pockets and a water bottle pocket provide quick access to maps, guide books, boarding passes – anything you want to grab in a flash. Inside, the Passport Sling is fully equipped to protect your DSLR and a few accessories as well as offer plenty of space for your personal items. Unzip the front of the Passport Sling to reveal an expansion compartment that adds approximately 30% more space – enough to accommodate items like a light jacket,


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Amazon Basics Sling Backpack For Slr Cameras (Black)

The amazon basics sling backpack for slr cameras is designed to allow you to go from carry mode to ready mode in seconds by enabling smooth rotation of the backpack from back to front for fast and easy access to camera gear. The slr sling backpack has extra space for personal items, faster access, improved organization, and the ability to add a tripod. A zippered pocket at the top of the backpack is the perfect spot to grab a uv filter cell phone or keys. zippers throughout the construction make opening and closing fast and smooth. The main camera compartment features a flexible

divider system that lets one quickly and comfortably access a dslr  the amazon basics sling backpack includes a tripod storage system with hidden foldout holder and quick release buckle with strap to secure a compact tripod or monopod to the side. Additional features include an ergonomic sling strap and padded waistbelt, padded main compartment with adjustable dividers and 2 built-in memory card pockets

Sling backpack holds and protects 1 smaller slr camera body; 1 2 lenses, and additional small accessories
Durable black polyester nylon exterior; ample interior storage
Distributed by amazon.com backed by one year amazon basics warranty  ships in certified frustration free packaging


he amazon basics sling backpack for dslr cameras is a no frills solution for taking a reasonable amount of photo gear with you when you don’t want or need to lug your larger case with you. It’s a great solution when you are hiking, skiing or just want a more compact way to take your essential camera gear with you.I really like the bag once you have it open. I think it’s very useful to fit plenty of camera gear. My only complaint is the clips that hold the main opening were very poorly sewn into place. I forgot to unclip it once and it took almost no force to pull it out of its stitching. I’m just hoping the rest of the bag stands up to extended use

better that those clips.The amazon basics sling backpack for dslr cameras is a no frills solution for taking a reasonable amount of photo gear with you when you don’t want or need to lug your larger case with you. It’s a great solution when you are hiking, skiing or just want a more compact way to take your essential camera gear with you.

The backpack is entirely black, no color accents or embellishment whatsoever. The backpack has a functional shoulder sling that allows you to pivot the pack to the front of your body for easy access to your camera gear when you need it. It’s a fairly comfortable, sling backpack with adequate shoulder strap padding and an additional lower waist strap. There is a smaller zippered upper compartment with enough room for a good sized flash and room to spare for batteries, lens cleaning

tools or maybe a pb&j for an extended hike. The main zippered compartment can be configured to your needs using a series of velcro pads of various sizes. There is also a velcro strap that can be used in whatever way you can figure out how to use it. Depending on the lenses you wish to carry and whether you want to carry the camera body with no lens attached, you can move the pads around to accommodate your needs.

I was easily able to fit my nikon d300 with attached 80-200 f2.8 lens and flash in the main compartment, with a second 17-55 f2.8 lens in the smaller top compartment along with some other odds and ends.

Amazon Basics Sling Backpack


The bottom of the pack has two rubber feet which protect the bottom nylon panel from wear and tear. However the case is really designed as a backpack and will not reliably stand on its own when fully loaded. It’s not intended to be a supportive pack that can sit upright on a floor.

Overall the pack seems reasonably well made and does provide a great way to carry a camera body, couple lenses, flash and assorted odds and ends with ease. I love it for when I’m hiking and don’t want to carry a conventional camera bag with me. It’s easy to swing the pack around to gain access to your camera when you need it. I do like I can carry a compact tripod or monopod on the outside of the backpack and the hidden pouch that tucks away to hold the tripod monopod leg is a nice feature. The zippers seem beefy enough to withstand some good use and the quick release buckles on the straps function well.



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Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102 Large Sling Backpack for Pro DSLR and Laptop

This ruggedly styled DSLR backpack sling offers dynamic carrying and accessibility options to keep pup with the versatility of your photography. Depending on your day of shooting, change the bag form a backpack to either a right-shoulder or left-shoulder sling. Utilize complete access to your camera and gear through either a left, right or front entry.

  • Designed to protect a DSLR with up to a 8 Inch lens attached several additional lenses, accessories and up to a 15.6Inch laptop weather hood included
  • Three carrying configurations: sling pack over right shoulder backpack, sling pack over left shoulder
  • Three ways to access your camera and gear left, right and front for speedy retrieval in all configurations
  • Adjustable padded dividers allow you to customize the camera compartment and an elastic strap helps to secure the camera in place
  • Padded top compartment and various side pockets provide organization for non camera gear

I wish this does not have much storage space as well as some walls, removable soft internal storage that can be reconfigured how you need. This bag should safely carry your camera with lens high power along with a good size laptop and some odds and ends. I like the waterproof cover that is lightweight and extends over. Although only held in place by an elastic band, which seems to remain on welfare.

Unfortunately the overall construction of this backpack is cheaper than I expected, especially for the price i own a regular laptop backpack was not much money, but the quality puts it to shame. The arms of this feeling a lot cheaper. The mesh of this backpack is similar to other backpack I bought for years to unravel grated over time with minimal use. 

Case Logic Kilowatt KSB 102


Then there are the closures  except for the laptop compartment, they also feel cheap they catch almost every time I try to open them, to the point that I keep wondering when they will break also I have a storage bag backpack I use for my portable dvd player. He bought years ago. Although the zipper is small one is built to last, and never has been despite my children more or less compressed is opened and closed. It was a small fraction of this price obviously things have

changed over time durable Well thought out and constructed, aesthetically pleasing  back mesh prevents overheating against your body adjustable straps around the chest and waist for extra support and portability can hold a dslr with a 70 200 lens attached, plus 3 or 4 more lenses in the bottom compartment. Three way access to the bottom compartment, plus customizable padding makes it easily adaptable padded lap top sleeve holds a 15 laptop top compartment and side

pockets hold tons of extra gear such as memory cards, spare batteries, filters, remotes, lens cloths et al, plus a change of clothes and other personal stuff Comes with a rain hood that covers the bag and your gear in inclement weather Can fit on airplanes for travel Bright orange interior makes it easy to find gear in a hurry



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Case Logic CPL-107BK Camera Sling for DSLR, Black

With an overall casual aesthetic and optimal space for camera gear and daily personal items, this sling provides the on-the go photographer with an all-in-one option. The side camera

compartment provides easy, fumble free camera access. Contemporary quilting reveals just how much padding is protecting your camera.

  • Compatible with most DSLR cameras, two additional lens or one additional lens plus a flash, and accessories
  • Adjustable, padded dividers allow you to customize the camera compartment
  • Front zippered pocket and top compartment provide organization and easy access to non-camera accessories
  • Dedicated internal memory card slip pocket
  • Weather hood fits snugly over the bag to protect from the elements when not in use, store in dedicated back panel compartment
  • The Case Logic Sling camera bag is a very convenient carry case for camera and tripod, plus a few extras. The adjustable storage for the
  • camera is a really good idea, we needed to remove both to make our sony A77 fit, but for a smaller camera the velcro shelves can be left in to ensure the camera fits snugly and leave room for extra lenses. There is
  • another large zipper compartment that can easily hold a smaller camera, or a video camera. A slim front space is good for wipes or maybe a driver’s license. The camera zip storage area also has a dedicate area for extra memory cards.
  • The potential flaw is the strength of the stitching. Having filled the bag with all my kit and zipped it up, wherever things were a bit tight I could start to see the stitching exposed; it was stretching in the same way you would see the seam stitching pull in cheap jeans if they were too tight.
  • This flexibility may be intentional but it is not comforting to see. My life experience would lead me to assume that this is an indication of future weakness and failure in the design materials used.


Gabino Fernandez

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Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black)

This SLR sling was designed to keep you ready to shoot wherever your journey takes you. Wear the sling cross-body, then simply swing the case to the front for immediate access to your camera and

accessories. The camera compartment provides ultimate protection for your SLR. The suspension hammock system patent pending suspends the

camera body preventing impact with the bottom of the case. The compartment lid is lined with scratch-resistant memory foam to help prevent screen damage. Compartment measures 7.9 x 7.3 x 7.9 and accommodates most SLR bodies with attached standard lens. Additional large compartment measures 8.5 x 4 x

5 for an extra lens, flash or other bulky accessories. Three additional compartments store smaller items such as extra battery, cords, memory cards or keys. Strap system on the front of the case secures a tripod or other bulky

gear with industrial strength hook-and loop. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure a comfortable fit. Wrist strap limits unnecessary

  • SLR camera sling wears like a backpack but allows for instant access to your SLR and accessories simply swing around and you’re ready to shoot
  • Holds SLR camera body with attached standard lens
  • Patent pending hammock system suspends your SLR above the bottom of case, providing superior impact protection
  • Large zippered compartment stores an additional lens or flash
  • (dimensions: 7.5 x 3.75 x 3
  • Three additional zippered pockets store memory cards and other small items
  • When I received this case I was excited, it was designed just the way I wanted and appeared to be the perfect case for a DSLR and an extra lens. But while the design was wonderful, the craftsmanship is poor. Shortly
  • after receiving it I left for a trip to Italy. On the second day the handle began to fray and separate from the case. By the end of the trip it was attached by only a few threads. In addition zippers would slip open, I
  • almost lost a lens in the subway in Rome. While a good design, it is poorly executed. I am returning the product.

The sling has strategically placed mesh pads to keep you from sweating too much where it contacts you. The case keeps the camera safe, and when it’s time to use it, you can easily slide the case forward and access the camera that is

sitting safely in the hammock. Watching the other hikers have to work to get their cameras out of their back packs, or have their cameras exposed, just slung

over their shoulders, made me a little smug today. I felt like I had the best solution and am now very glad I got one. Kudos to the designer

Gabino Fernandez


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